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Market Place Rules - read before posting

Have a boat for sale? Place your ad here. Please, boats only in this section, and read the rules before posting.

Market Place Rules - read before posting

Postby Admin2 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:13 pm

1. When placing an ad, remember to list the price and location -- "best offer" doesn't cut it. If you're not sure what a given item is worth, there are a number of other areas on this board where you can ask and get objective advice. A photo is also helpful but not required.

2. Try to encourage members to contact you via private message. You may post your phone number in the ad as well or add a link to Craig's list if it is also listed there. Do to some bad behavior the boards user to user email function is disabled. However you may still list your email address in the ad but you should be aware that doing so exposes your email address to spammers.

3. Please note that using this site solely for commercial advertising purposes will result in termination of membership. The Market Place forum is for the benefit of our members. This place is neither designed nor intended to be unlimited free advertising for businesses.

4. When your item is sold, post a reply to your thread stating that it has been sold.

5. Negative comments about the For Sale items, the price posted, or the poster's hygiene/practices/grammar/etc. will be DELETED and the poster warned. This is not a place to flame nor a discussion area. The bottom line is this: if you think the person is asking an insane amount, or is selling something you wouldn't take if given to you, don't buy it.
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