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Morse Controller/cable problems

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Morse Controller/cable problems

Postby Bruce Mattson » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:08 am

have a morse contoller on 09 tj luxor 5.7 litre with at 309sd,lever very stiff and maybe cable adjustment out.the lever is also stuck in forward position and has done the same in reverse,on that occasion i dissembled the controller and found the gears were out of sync like one had jumped a tooth (is it possible to move lever too far causing this problem ?( still can't figure how that happened ?) I centered the gears and got lever working properly.now it has done it again,getting concerned that this may happen again in a demanding situation which could lead to very bad day.my boat has 90 hours on it, parts in controller and cables look to be perfect shape.Has anyone else had this problem
Bruce Mattson
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